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Lutz Lücker's Grammar Revision Worksheets - Conditionals


·          Good introduction on Conditionals - an introduction

·          0 and 1st Conditionals - grammar theory and interactive exercises (zero and 1st conditional)

·          2nd and 3rd Conditionals - grammar theory and interactive exercises (2nd and 3rd conditional)

·          Conditionals 1

·          Conditionals 2

·          Conditionals 3

·          Conditionals 4

·          Conditionals 5


·          Lots of other grammar points (tenses, passive, auxiliaries, futures…) on

Better English Grammar Menu


·          7 exercises on English Hilfen Web Site


·          Various exercises (milieu du menu) on

Liliam Hurst Web Site


·          Various exercises on

3rd Conditional

More Conditionals 1

More Conditionals 2

·          especially 3rd Conditional theory and exercises

·         and English Corner grammar

·          Also look at

City College San Jose grammar links

Canadian Web Site grammar links

Study Zone grammar links

English On Line grammar links

( but most exercises were “stolen” from other sites!)

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·          English Tests cliquer sur "next test" à la fin!

·          More grammar 1 (bas du menu)

·          More grammar 2 (milieu du menu)

·          Theory on Conditionals

·          Theory on Conditionals 2 - grammar theory on forms of conditionals and their use

·          Еnglish Zone (Grammar Zone - Conditionals)- some interactive exercises can be used for free

·          English Page - (Conditionals) grammar theory on present, past, futures, continuous and mixed conditionals and non-interactive worksheets

·          Better English - (250 free exercises - Grammar exercises - Conditionals) 1st conditional (2 exercises), 2nd conditional (4 exercises), 3rd conditional (1 exercise), mixed conditionals (2 exercises), wish (3 exercises)

·          And again more grammar - (Conditionals) theory on zero, 1st, 2nd, 3rd condotionals and non-interactive exercise

·          More Conditionals theory - (Conditional sentences) theory  on possible, probable, imposible, zero conditionals

·          English Outlook - (Clauses / Conditionals) 2 interactive exercises, the same exercises under the both sub-headings

·          If clauses quizzes - Match the two columns so that each sentence is a meaningful sentence. Then click on the answer button to see if your answer is correct.




If THAT is not enough, go to , write "grammar exercises" English conditional

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